I used to wish I was a fairy princess

I used to wish I was a fairy princess in the middle of the night. So I could wake up from a nightmare and be surrounded by beautiful canopies covering my bed, keeping out the monsters that lurked in the dark. I would imagine the silk lined pajamas I would wear to bed and how I would awake in the morning flawless without even the touch of a brush to tame my tangled hair. Like the girls in the magazines. Like the princesses in the movies.
I wished this for a long time. Well, that never happened, sadly.
I never got my princess moment, not my canopies or my flawless hair. Instead I lost my family because they scattered to the corners of the nation when it all started to fall apart.
My dad got really sad when his best-friend Kory left. It was downhill from there.
He found a new best-friend, Theodore, who was like another father to me. Kory and his wife divorced and so did my parents, soon after Theodore followed in suit. It was like everything fell apart.
Instead of a fairy tale childhood, mine was full of heartache and anger. I remember one night after my dads shiny new penny of a girlfriend moved in and they were fighting in the kitchen. Her son was at a friends house and I was thirteen. I sat at the top of the stairs, hidden by the corner of the bend in wall. She was crying and yelling at him, but I don’t remember why. All I remember is that it happened more often than it should’ve happened in a happy relationship. My house was never very happy after my mom left. She took my childhood with her and I blamed her for years for that. Now, I blame my dad. I was dragged up and down with him many times because he was too selfish to put his only daughter before his countless relationships with crazy women.
Why people mess up what once was perfect, I will never understand.
I guess it runs in the family, for I have done the same.


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