Please, come home. I want to fix this.

It’s bitter against my lips
Rough against my tongue
Combined with luscious fruit
The bitterness is not so bad
It provides my weary mind with a release
One similar to your mouth
The way your soft lips press to mine
Our breath beating hard in our chests
As our bodies slam together
A violent beauty
My eyes drift shut as I swallow the bitter
The bittersweet release
Your cruel eyes watch me
Unforgiving as I slip into its grasp
My heart breaks when you turn me away
We both reach for the bottle
Our lips begging for each other
Yet they can only find that liquid release
What is this
What have I become
I can feel your unforgiving eyes watching
But, where are you
I need your arms around my waist
Driving me mad
Instead of this horrible liquid
With its arms around my throat


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