Uhhh, Mathilda? Are you alive in there?

Hey, guys!
I’m so sorry for the unannounced haitus! I have been traveling for the holidays and been super busy studying for my finals and getting college applications in and my FAFSA application filled out… All of this filling out paper work and lack of sleep is going to drive me insane shortly if I don’t get some rest! I’m very close to pulling my hair out…
On the up side!!! I finally got a kindle which means I can catch up on the books I have been meaning to read and catch up on all the poetry I have been meaning to add to my collection.
I will hopefully have something for you guys this weekend, most likely the Holocaust story I am working on with Charley, but we shall see when that rolls around because there is really no telling what could happen next! Me and Charley have also made amends and have decided to give this ‘us’ thing another go, which I am incredibly happy about. I have been grinning like a fool all week because of it. I also may get a job soon illustrating a book, which will be awesome! It’s sixteen dollars an hour to illustrate the cover in full detail that I will be doing digitally. So, if I do end up getting the job then I will put that picture up here for you guys to see when I am done with it! I could possibly be getting a car this month, too… But, I know better than to hold my breath on that one because I will probably suffocate instantly knowing my father.
On the down side… My step-dad is not going to make it… We don’t know how much longer he has, but he is very ill and most days doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when he talks, it’s all just nonsense. My poor mother has reached her wits end about it and I don’t know how much more she can take before she completely snaps and loses her mind. I wish there was something more I could do for them. But, alas, I am only seventeen and can’t do a whole lot about anything except offer my hands and heart out to anyone who could possibly need it, especially my family.

Update on my writing?
Nothing is really happening at the moment due to all this chaos. I will soon settle into my new classes after my finals the week after nest and things will start to pick up again. I am so sorry guys! It’s very hard for me to juggle all of this stuff at once and still manage to get sleep, so of course the things I love the most have to suffer and be put on hold. But, the first thing that will be posted will most likely be the first few pages of the Holocaust story I am working on that I am still very excited about! Get excited guys!!

I promise I will be more active soon!
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the New Year!
With much love,


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