Beneath the midnight streetlights

Watch out guys, Mathilda is about to smother you in cheesy words that her heart can’t help but ooze out of her fingertips.

He's a challenge
With the way he stares so blankly
Yet seems to have a million things on his mind
It keeps me on my toes
It keeps me guessing
His face says intimidating
The rumors warn me
Stay back
Don't come any closer
But, I ventured too close
I ignored the words of the drunk tongue
To find out for myself
I got caught in the barbed wire they warned me of
But it wasn't the same
Where I expected to be cut
Where I expected to bleed
Where I expected to be betrayed
When I expected to cry
Was in turn a gentle caress
A kiss on the nose
A quirky smile that made my heart melt into a puddle of cliche love songs
Kisses so sweet
Arms so strong
So capable of destruction
So safe
So protective
So loyal
So soft
Calling so loudly to my own that they have gone deaf and refuse to part from his
Still so new
Shiny like a penny
I will hold him close
Keep him safe
Polish and cherish him
So we never grow dull


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