I thought about you the other day
I took this silly online quiz,
“What state should you have been from?”
I got Ohio.
Tears stung my eyes,
and knives pierced my chest.
It has been so long since you have crossed my mind.
Please do not think I have forgotten you.
You are still my hopes and dreams.
Everything I want for my future…
…revolves around you.
I miss you so…
What I would give to hold your face in my hands…
…to kiss you and know I have found my forever.
I will wait.
I will go back to my life and wait.
A hundred more years if I have to.
I will go back to my bed and feel every inch of him surround me.
Until it is your turn.


Empty beds

I awoke
With a strange feeling
On my lips
And fingertips
The pillow next to me smelled like you
The air lingering from each breath
Whispered you were here
If I close my eyes again
Maybe you’ll return
But, dear, it was just a bad dream
For, I have opened my eyes
And here you are
Smiling down at me
Here to satisfy the feeling that I crave
That my lips
And fingertips