I love you in the way the sun kisses the edges of the
clouds in the morning. The way the steam rises from my coffee
and curls at the end of my nose. The way my hair will split in
two, sometimes three ways at the ends. With hopes that,
in just one of these ways, it is a language you understand.
A whisper that tickles the hairs
on the back of your neck.



If I could
I would lie here for hours
And tell you everything there is to know
About me and how my brain works
And how when I get scared I run
When I fall…I typically land flat on my face
But, that would take all the fun out of it
Out of you figuring out how I tick
How I think
There is one thing, however
That I wish I had the strength to tell you
That I am on my knees
Trying not to run
Because I’m scared…terrified even
Of falling in love
Seeing your smile makes me tremble
In the best of ways
I do not want to run
I feel safe and happy in your arms
That does not stop me
From being scared
Because last time I loved
I lost
And I landed flat on my face


I have been thinking
About pomegranates
And their sweet sting
On the tip of my tongue
There is not much
That can compare
To that tingling sensation
Of the butterflies
Tying my stomach in knots
When you kiss me
I can remember
The first time I tasted
Those sweet seeds
It was much like kissing you
Beneath the streetlights
I was nervous
And I did not know what to think
Or how to react
To the feeling
In the pit of my stomach
That stole the breath from my lips