I thought about you the other day
I took this silly online quiz,
“What state should you have been from?”
I got Ohio.
Tears stung my eyes,
and knives pierced my chest.
It has been so long since you have crossed my mind.
Please do not think I have forgotten you.
You are still my hopes and dreams.
Everything I want for my future…
…revolves around you.
I miss you so…
What I would give to hold your face in my hands…
…to kiss you and know I have found my forever.
I will wait.
I will go back to my life and wait.
A hundred more years if I have to.
I will go back to my bed and feel every inch of him surround me.
Until it is your turn.


Empty beds

I awoke
With a strange feeling
On my lips
And fingertips
The pillow next to me smelled like you
The air lingering from each breath
Whispered you were here
If I close my eyes again
Maybe you’ll return
But, dear, it was just a bad dream
For, I have opened my eyes
And here you are
Smiling down at me
Here to satisfy the feeling that I crave
That my lips
And fingertips

Oh, stormy night

The sky is crying tonight
I guess the clouds miss you
Like I miss you
Tears fall like rain
But, they won’t bring you back
No matter how many valleys are flooded
No matter how many pillows are soaked
These tears are in vain
And the world
Doesn’t need to be watered

Fly away home

Last time I was up this high
Metal wings outstretched to the sky
I was in your heart
On your mind
We filled the sky
With thoughts of forever
Now it’s just a big empty space
Like it used to be
My heart is just a big empty space
Like it used to be