His pen glided across the page, eyes glazed and distant as he scribbled. The buzzed feeling running through his veins was slowly diluting and his hand slowed with each passing minute. He leaned back against the cabinet and dropped his pen to the floor beside of him. A smile creased his tired face as he gazed upon a beautiful sketch of a girl. Not just any girl. The girl he saw outside of the coffee shop the day before. They hadn’t spoken, but they exchanged a look. The look? He only hoped so. Damn, did he hope so… Leaning his head back on the cool wood, he closed his eyes and replayed the scene in his head.

He had just finished a deal, well, a “pick up” from his supplier and was on his way home to prepare the merchandise for customers. Taking his usual route home, he passed the coffee shop that doubled as a used book store. There were three wire patio tables out on the sidewalk. The first was occupied by two old ladies clutching cups of coffee and reminiscing about the past fifty years. The second was stuffed with teenage girls, giggling and sipping loudly on iced mochas, extra mocha. They had stolen the extra chairs from the old ladies and from the solo guest at the last table so they could all hunch over the same cell phone and poke fun at an ex-boyfriend and his new arm candy. He rolled his eyes and pressed forward, his eyes falling on the last table for much longer than the first two. A smile began to form as he met her gaze and he nodded to her a, “hello, stranger.” She responded with a slight tip of her coffee mug in his direction and a smile that nearly turned him into a puddle right there on the concrete in front of Old Miss Mae’s Bookstore and Coffee Bar. He coughed, quickly turned away, and kept moving, unable to get her hazel eyes out of his head and the way the morning sunlight made them shimmer…


What’s the matter, blue eyes?

Bright blue eyes
Peering from under the sheets
At the blinding window
Filled with sunlight
Sparkling in their reflection
On the water
Reflecting again
In the midnight hour
To illuminate
The next bright circle
They are complete
They are opposite
They are whole