The Rules of the Tree

Lead a simple life like a tree, for it only needs food, water, and sunlight to survive.
Take only what is necessary, and give only life and beauty in return, but don’t give more than what people deserve or need.
Produce a fruit unlike no other.
Be unique.
No thumbprint is the same.
No ring of bark is the same.
Stand tall.
Weather all storms.
Even though pieces of you may break away.
You will not fall.
No one can change you or challenge you.
Reach deep.
Give strength.
Provide a home.
Provide a shelter.
Do no harm.
If you do this right, you will be felt around the world.
Be the weapon and the shield.
Be loyal.
Entertain, protect, and teach the youth.
Conquer love.
Feel life flowing through you at every moment.
The little things in your life need to be positive.
Those little things feed into the big things.
Let those little things be the very tip of your roots.
Let your roots be what provide nourishment.
Your roots provide the positivity that will blossom into what you put out into the world.
The fruit.
The wisdom.
The life.
The beauty.
The protection.
Protect everything from the ant to the bear.
Let your arms be the branches, always leave them open wide.
Let the people of the world be the birds and accept them all into open arms.
Let everything nestle between your leaves and branches, say its peace, then leave.
Let each piece of the world become a part of you for at least a little while.
Take on all the weight for the chance of easing another’s pain, but don’t forget to let it go, or your leaves will rot and your branches will break.
The big bad things are seemingly more powerful than the big good things, don’t let this break you.
This is why strong roots are important.
Feed your roots nothing but positive, nourishing, fruitful things so that no matter the storm, you will heal and be whole again someday, no matter how many years it takes.
Be good to your roots, don’t forget them, because despite them being invisible to the surface viewer, they are there, they are you, they matter, they affect more than just you.
Keep your eyes on the sky and the Earth, for nothing else matters.
Respect and love your Mother.
The Seasons are the hills and valleys, which is which is for you to decide.
Listen to the stories that the wind whispers to you.




I thought about you the other day
I took this silly online quiz,
“What state should you have been from?”
I got Ohio.
Tears stung my eyes,
and knives pierced my chest.
It has been so long since you have crossed my mind.
Please do not think I have forgotten you.
You are still my hopes and dreams.
Everything I want for my future…
…revolves around you.
I miss you so…
What I would give to hold your face in my hands…
…to kiss you and know I have found my forever.
I will wait.
I will go back to my life and wait.
A hundred more years if I have to.
I will go back to my bed and feel every inch of him surround me.
Until it is your turn.